HD 'LifeSize Rooms' Expand Operations in Japan, India, Germany

LifeSize, an HD-centric video communications company that works primarily with corporations and job recruitment firms, said this week it is growing its operations in Japan, India and Germany, where it already conducts some business.

The Austin, Texas-based company said it recently shipped its 1,000th LifeSize Room system. The typical system, which allows permanent-based equipment, software and connections for HD-level video conference calls, job interviews, and other closed-circuit communications, was first released in December.

LifeSize first entered the Japanese market last year by partnering with three video communications resellers, and has now created a Japanese subsidiary to provide more onsite support. The firm has established subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Singapore.

LifeSize also has established a subsidiary in India, and said this week it will set up an engineering operation in Bangalore. The LifeSize Bangalore Design Center will focus on software development across the company's HD product line. Project teams in India and Texas will collaborate "face to face" in HD on a daily basis using LifeSize Room technology.

The company recently opened a regional sales office near Munich, Germany.