Harris unveils lineup for last BroadcastAsia before broadcast division is spun off

In what is set to be its last appearance at BroadcastAsia under the Harris umbrella before the broadcast division is sold off, Harris will demonstrate a range of products and solutions that will enable broadcasters to manage every stage of the content lifecycle and generate new revenue streams.

The company will demonstrate how strong integration between its automation, digital asset management, and sales and scheduling products can create a solution that efficiently integrates business and technical workflows by producing next-generation automation.

Harris will show its ADC and D-Series automation systems, Invenio digital asset management solutions, and Broadcast Master sales and scheduling systems to demonstrate how a combined solution creates more efficient workflow processes and maximizes facility resources.

Showing for the first time in Asia Pacific is the Harris HView SX Pro high-density, multi-display management system that delivers a compact new signal processing and monitoring option for control-room environments. Its high-density design accommodates more sources and outputs in fewer rack units to reduce system and installation costs, making it ideal for live production, outside broadcast (OB) and other video/audio processing needs.

Visitors to BroadcastAsia will also see the NEXIO Studio Suite that is designed to help customers transition to tapeless studio production and more efficient file-based workflows. The suite is aimed at live multi-camera studio productions, such as news and magazine-format, entertainment and reality TV shows. It enhances the control of video servers in production studios, offering familiar video tape recorder (VTR) functionality while adding the operational benefits of multichannel, nonlinear video servers.

The next-generation Harris family of QuiC file-based analysis solutions will have its Asia Pacific launch at BroadcastAsia. This new software range minimizes the workload for video server operators in TV stations, network facilities and new media operations, as the software tools can be used to analyze files ingested into video servers, achieving results faster through automated processes.

Finally, BroadcastAsia will also see Harris demonstrate its Maxiva UAX Compact Class air-cooled, UHF TV transmitter. This transmitter provides terrestrial TV and mobile DTV broadcasters with several options to boost over-the-air services. The transmitter is ideal for extending market coverage in challenging situations, including busy urban areas that require greater building penetration.