Harris ships ingest-to-air workflow automation system

Harris Broadcast has begin shipping the first phase of the Harris Resource Suite (called hrs), a workflow solution that extends across the entire ingest-to-broadcast chain. The hrs system brings together tools a broadcaster needs to automate labor-intensive processes, eliminate duplication of efforts, streamline asset management, and share media seamlessly throughout a facility.

hrs automates digital media ingest, one of the most time-consuming and labor-intensive processes in a broadcast facility, Harris said. With hrs ’ digital ingest module, broadcasters can eliminate the need to re-key metadata embedded in digital files delivered by Media DVX, Pathfire, DG Systems and other digital delivery services directly to a server. Until now, re-keystroking has been necessary to enter the files into the automation system.

Each hrs application is configured to a broadcaster’s specific requirement through the inclusion of Workflow Process Manager (WPM). WPM establishes intelligent “business rules” that ensure automated tasks are performed in a manner that supports the organization’s processes. For example, an organization can create a business rule that exempts non-controversial programs received from reliable providers from pre-ingest review while ensuring that other programs are always reviewed.

The hrs system can support any or all of four of the following applications:

  • Media Mover: which handles digital ingest, copy, transfer, delete, transcode, partial restore, public, archive, mirroring and sub-clipping functions;
  • Asset Manager: which can handle metadata-based search, browse, dub, index, logging and rights management functions;
  • Production Live: which enables program creation from the newsroom, studios, or other production locations, as well as playout directly to air; and
  • Broadcast Presentation Manager: which performs traditional Master Control automation functions, including channel playout, device control, and logging, and now is available with dynamic links for control and playout remotely, from a central location or from traffic.

Current users of Harris playout automation, news and media asset management systems can migrate smoothly to hrs —important because Harris has delivered more than half of all broadcast automation systems in use worldwide.

For more information, visit www.broadcast.harris.com.

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