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Harris launches new NetVX release with HD, high efficiency SD support

The new release of Harris’s NetVX includes HD functionality that supports improved picture quality at lower bit-rates and enhanced HD audio ports for Dolby 5.1 / Dolby E carriage.

Harris has released the latest version of its multi-service video-networking NetVX product targeted at station owners and group operators seeking improved bandwidth efficiency for increased multichannel operations, enhanced HD services, disaster recovery, event support, remote newsgathering and IP-based video transport.

NetVX’ single-box design leverages packet switching, a unique attribute that provides flexible bi-directional transport over ATM, IP, DS-3, fiber (OC-3), satellite and microwave networks. NetVX’ support for triple-play services (video, voice and data) is contained in one chassis.

New features include:

  • A low bit-rate SD encoder that improves a broadcaster’s emission capacity by maximizing the DTV stream.
  • SD statistical-multiplexing optimizes picture quality and provides management of all SD video channels from a single box;
  • HD functionality includes picture quality improvements at lower bit-rates, enhanced HD audio ports for Dolby 5.1 / Dolby E carriage and BISS scrambling for secure video transport of over-the-air broadcasts.

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