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Harris introduces HView SX Pro multidisplay management system

Harris introduces the HView SX Pro multidisplay management system.

Harris has introduced HView SX Pro, a scalable, high-density multidisplay management system.

The HView SX Pro extends Harris' HView multiviewer range, delivering a compact new signal processing and monitoring option for control room environments. Its advanced design reduces space, power and complexity while offering superior picture quality and intelligent, flexible control options. Its high-density design accommodates more sources and outputs in fewer rack units to reduce system and installation costs.

Harris customers can use the HView SX Pro as a standalone system or integrated within Harris Platinum routers.

The HView SX Pro offers low-latency processing and enhances image quality through Harris MicroFine scaling technology. Versatile, built-in control features maximize display options, from single-surface video wall configurations to multiunit or multiroom systems.