Harris Introduces Cool Play 1670

Harris Corporation introduced Cool Play 1670, a new television transmitter platform specifically designed for 1670 MHz Digital Video Broadcasting Handheld (DVB-H) applications, including the Modeo mobile TV service planned for the United States. Featuring proprietary Convection-Cooled Technology, Cool Play 1670 is uniquely suited to cellular network-style transmitter installations. Harris demonstrated the Cool Play 1670 platform at NAB2006, where the transmitter delivered wireless video to a handset.

“The Cool Play 1670 is a clear indication of the commitment and innovation that Harris brings to mobile television applications. Harris has applied the experience gained in mobile TV trials around the world to make a transmitter platform uniquely suited for the requirements of L-band mobile television transmission applications,” said Dale Mowry, vice president and general manager of the Harris Television Broadcast Systems business unit.

The Harris Broadcast Communications Division worked closely with a team from the Harris Government Communications Systems Division to design Cool Play 1670, the first Harris mobile TV platform developed for harsh operating environments. Capable to operating at external temperatures from -40° to +45°C, it is uniquely equipped for outdoor installation without specialized cooling equipment. Specialized printed circuit board coatings and air-handling systems ensure that the electronics within Cool Play 1670 transmitters receive sufficient ventilation and cooling without corrosive effects from humidity or impurities in the air.

All the elements required for a local DVB-H transmitter, including satellite receiver, TV exciter, amplification, wireless or wired Ethernet modems, and uninterruptible power supplies are contained within the climate-controlled Cool Play 1670 cabinet. The Cool Play 1670 transmitter is designed for easy deployment on rooftops and other difficult environments, and offers various redundancy options to ensure that the mobile TV service operates continuously.

Harris offers the Cool Play 1670 transmitter with power outputs from 50 to 400 watts, in single output and diversity transmitter configurations.