Harris Broadcast Facility Wins Governor’s Sustainability Award

QUINCY, ILL.: Harris Corp.’s Broadcast Communications operation has received the state’s 2011 Governor’s Sustainability Award. Harris was one of 25 companies and organizations across the state to receive the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center’s Continuous Improvement Award. The awards honor achievements in protecting the environment, sustaining the future and improving the economy.

The Quincy facility implemented nine environmental impact reduction projects last year, which also saved the company $137,000. The installation of an electric motor generator to reduce air emissions, material usage and costs associated with diesel fuels was among its noteworthy green achievements. The project eliminated approximately 43,800 gallons of annual diesel fuel purchases, on-site air emissions and an above-ground storage tank with associated spill risks.

Other green projects at Quincy have resulted in the reduction of 2,673,000 gallons of water, 14,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, and 3585 therms (or 358,500 cubic feet) of natural gas—saving the facility more than $25,000 of annual operating costs.

Harris Broadcast Communications in Quincy is home to the company’s radio and television transmitter manufacturing center. This is its sixth Sustainability Award. It was also recognized at the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable in 2008 with the Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Award.