Harris adds video analysis to H-Class asset management system for surveillance

Harris is now offering new capability for its H-Class digital asset management solution.

The new functionality has been added using commercial off-the-shelf, third-party software analysis tools in a joint development effort with Mediaware and piXlogic. Through this partnership, Harris has integrated video analytics, video and audio coding and processing/storage capabilities into a single digital asset management platform.

Video analytics tools from piXlogic and Mediaware are integrated with the H-Class content delivery platform. This includes an advanced visual search engine from piXlogic that automatically analyzes, indexes and searches the contents of images and video files, with high levels of accuracy and speed. Mediaware has created an IP-based video networking solution that enables the distribution of multiformat digital content to a variety of client devices that are best suited for playback. In addition, Mediaware provides an interface for moving key-length-value metadata through the H-Class platform, making it available on multiple applications.

By integrating these analysis tools with the H-Class platform, users can link concepts and images together through the H-Class DAM Video Thesaurus feature‚ which speeds up and simplifies the search for video material and moves content from one device to another in a secure manner.

Harris also is working on enhanced capabilities of its Intraplex NetXpress IP network gateway device, which has been optimized for tactical surveillance in a sensor network.

For more information, visit www.harris.com.