Harmonic VOS 360 Boosts Mowies On-Demand Platform

Harmonic VOS 360
(Image credit: Harmonic)

SAN JOSE, Calif.—Mowies, a LATAM-based on-demand media platform, has opted to go with Harmonic’s VOS 360 cloud streaming service to expand its services. The VOS 360 SaaS provides Mowies with and end-to-end solution for media processing and delivery and optimizing bandwidth usage.

VOS 360 SaaS supports the entire streaming workflow from ingest to delivery, says Harmonic, which is meant to provide simpler on-demand streaming with control through API.

Using the EyeQ AI-based encoding technology on the VOS 360, Mowies has improved its streaming quality while lowering its overall streaming costs. EyeQ encoding reduces Mowies’ storage and CDN requirements by as much as 50%, Harmonic says.

"Harmonic's VOS360 SaaS gives us the ability to scale based on our growing viewership, without requiring investments in infrastructure. Thanks to Harmonic, we have a streamlined solution from source to screen, and we can confidently keep adding new content and gaining much needed visibility for content creators."

For more information, visit www.harmonicinc.com.