Harmonic offers high capacity wireless backhaul

Harmonic has unveiled an ultra high capacity FLXLink wireless backhaul solution that allows operators to efficiently and securely transport and receive digital voice, data and video content. The FLXLink product line addresses the need for increased wireless bandwidth as consumers around the world increasingly rely on mobile multimedia applications to support a wide range of mobile applications.

The new FLXLink solution provides up to 10 times the service carrying capacity of the FLXLink T1/E1 system, offering more choice and flexibility in backhauling GSM, GPRS, 3G, WiFi and other wireless services.

In addition to carrying today's wireless traffic, the ability to scale capacity in order to carry emerging high-speed interactive and video-based services is essential. Services are now being deployed that require more bandwidth, such as metropolitan WiFi networks providing wireless Internet access for an entire city. The new FLXLink with eight T1/E1 connections and a gigabit Ethernet port is designed to carry these advanced mobile applications.

As with the other FLXLink CWDM-based products — a family that includes 100Mb/s and 1Gb/s systems as well as a version offering four T1/E1 connections and a Fast Ethernet (100Mb/s) port —the new FLXLink system features a modular design for easy expandability. The FLXLink products facilitate a range of services, such as backhaul, VPN, high-speed Internet and PBX interconnect.

The FLXLink wireless backhaul solution is fully compatible with T1/E1 and Ethernet/IP equipment in the operator's network as well as at the wireless tower and their customers' site. CWDM-based technology allows up to 10 commercial customers or tower sites to be aggregated on the same fiber pair in the access network that is used for residential broadband services.

For more information, visit www.harmonicinc.com.