Harmonic Enables Multiplatform Edit Workflow at Crawford Media

SAN JOSE, CALIF.: Harmonic announced that Crawford Media Services has deployed the Omneon MediaGrid active storage system with MXFserver to support a collaborative multiplatform editing environment within its new 80,000-square-foot facility in Atlanta, Ga. The Harmonic production storage solution has allowed Crawford to implement a highly efficient DNxHD workflow in which editors working privately or collaboratively on different platforms can share content in a single storage pool.

MediaGrid provides storage optimized for media to Crawford’s post-production workflow. Content is ingested and encoded to DNxHD (220 Mbps) and then written to the MediaGrid system as DNxHD files, which are registered to an MXFserver project and presented to authorized users through a project-based interface. This model thus allows producers and editors — regardless of their edit platform--to see and work with all content files assigned to each project.