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Harmonic Announces ProStream 8000

Harmonic recently announced development of a new multichannel digital mosaic system, which is designed to interface with other equipment in use at headends, transport systems and customer premises. The IP-based ProStream 8000 is software based and tiles several channels of content into a single video stream, thus providing the viewer a composite multiprogram presentation. The MPEG-in/MPEG-out technology provides integration within a service provider's existing digital infrastructure. Each of the multichannel mosaics is transmitted as an added channel to the existing line up. The technology allows viewers to create their own custom multi-image mosaics.

Gil Katz, Harmonic director of video solutions, said, "Television is rapidly evolving toward a model where users can receive a unique 'just for me' experience. Harmonic's new ProStream 8000 digital mosaic solution represents a significant step towards the realization of that future, generating exceptional value for both the viewer and the service provider."