Hargray expands with Minerva MPEG-2 encoders

Hargray Communications, an integrated service provider based in Hilton Head, S.C., has added Minerva Networks' MPEG-2 encoders and DVB-to-IP Media Gateways to its existing IP Television headend.

Hargray can now backhaul more than 100 channels of video and 200 channels of music from its network operations center in Pritchardville, S.C. to neighboring rural local exchange carriers (RLECs) who intend to offer “triple play” services.

By providing IP-based video feeds to other telcos throughout the region, Hargray will leverage the cost of its IP Television headend across a broad market. This will allow even the smallest RLEC to offer advanced video services. RLECs will be able to easily add or delete video channels at the local level creating a custom channel lineup.

Minerva provides carrier-class infrastructure products for the delivery of television and video services over broadband IP networks. The company’s television services management software and video processing platforms are integrated into complete IP television headend systems.

For more information, visit www.minervanetworks.com.

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