Hamlet upgrades CNBC Arabiya facility

CNBC Arabiya has installed 16 waveform monitors and advanced monitoring units in its Dubai Media City facility.

One of the upgrades includes Hamlet's Monitor Scope MS601BX multi-format, multi-standard SDI and analog monitoring unit. The unit has no SDI analysis, error count, logging, cursor measurement or data trace download capability. It is capable of SDV (serial digital video) analysis, measurement and monitoring. With the addition of “option chips” the unit is able to cover CAV (component analog video) YCrCb, GBR, composite video and audio in its embedded, AES/EBU and analog formats.

CNBC Arabiya will be one of the first 24/7 business and financial news services to be launched in the Middle East for all 19 Arabic speaking countries across the Middle East Region with offices in Beirut, Baghdad, Cairo, Jeddah, Riyadh and Manama.

For more information visit www.hamlet.co.uk.

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