GVF makes RFI-EUI certification exam available for SNG operators

The RFI–EUI Training & Certification Working group has announced its first certification exam for the Advanced Technical Operator (ATO) designation is now available through the GVF.

The Advanced Technical Operator test is aimed at occasional-use satellite uplink operators, such as SNG van/truck operators and teleport uplink technicians and is the most demanding level of certification of the series.

The exam, administered by SatProf on the GVF training system, includes demonstrating knowledge in several the areas, including interference, spacecraft, RF theory and operation. Use of online simulators enables and demonstrates critical skills, such as site selection, using a spectrum analyzer, accessing a satellite and cable termination.

Certification requires successfully passing a timed online exam and simulator-based skills test with a grade of 80 percent or better. The exam is administered through the GVF online learning system and costs $75 for two attempts. Exam registration is available online.

RFI-EUI Certification holders are eligible for listing on a public database that includes contact details for customers who are looking for certified operators.

The RFI-EUI group members have agreed that all uplink service providers will be strongly encouraged, and in some cases required, to use RFI-EUI-certified operators.