Gray embraces Vizrt

As the nation's largest owner of stations in mid-size markets, Gray Television Group dominates broadcasting across Middle America. With 36 diverse affiliates spread throughout college towns and state capitols, Gray has established a new technology strategy called the Gray Model.

With the system already operational in 19 of the affiliates, Gray is rolling out this new model to additional stations every quarter. Fully integrated with existing workflows and automation processes, it has allowed Gray to quickly implement a centralized hub of resources and technology with a single graphics solution across its entire network.

Traditionally, station graphics production has used separate artists to render and operators to manage the graphics, with each station having its own dedicated staff. Employing Vizrt’s products within the Gray Model enables the broadcaster to create a more efficient central hub, while also giving their stations autonomy and control over their work. Gray's Omaha station WOWT has been the pilot site for much of the system testing and development that Gray then deploys to the other stations throughout the network.