Grass Valley Provides Remote Gear Mediatec Broadcast

MONTREAL, ONTARIO, CANADA— Mediatec Broadcast turned to Grass Valley for a remote broadcasting solution that can send camera feeds via fiber connections to its main facility in Oslo.

The company purchased 20 LDX Première cameras with digital triax connections and four LDX Première cameras with fiber connections. LDX Première cameras are easily upgradable, can switch between 1080i and 720p, and offer a feature set which is optimized for live productions.

The LDX Première cameras and their Ethernet-based C2IP camera control system have been specially configured, in this case, to work within a WAN environment. For the best workflow efficiency, all of the OCP 400 camera control panels are located at one central location while the rest of the camera systems are located at the different horse race tracks around the country.

Mediatec has been a Grass Valley customer for nearly a decade and already operates hundreds of cameras along with transmission systems, switchers, routers and other equipment from Grass Valley. As the company has grown, it has expanded and upgraded its Grass Valley solutions, taking advantage of the Future-Ready technology along the way.