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Grass Valley Powers Up Kayenne and Kayak

Grass Valley has announced the latest software versions for their line of Kayenne video production and Kayak HD switcher models.

Software updates for both lines increase productivity by streamlining workflows and giving technical directors greater control over options such as camera settings, macro editing and signal routing.

Multiple cameras can be controlled from the switcher panel over Ethernet; settings include auto iris, auto black level, color bars and filter wheel position. Scene files along with difficult setups can be recalled instantly from the switcher.

An integrated macro editor lets technical directors build macros from scratch offline before uploading to Kayenne, or editing through the switcher interface. Macro descriptions are offered in plain text and can be rearranged or modified as easily.

With the upgrade, Kayenne auxiliary busses can be controlled from an Encore or Prelude control system, and stand-alone panels using Prelude software can be set up as remote auxiliary panels, including the use of joystick override modes.

All of the features mentioned are currently available in Kayenne Version 3.0,0 and camera control is included in the Kayak HD Version 7.0.4 software release at the end of March 2011.