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Grass Valley LDK 8300 HD slo-mo camera is a slam dunk for NBA Finals

The Grass ValleyLDK 8300 HD Super Slo-Mo camera system was used extensively by production company NEP Supershooters to capture HD replays during the 2009 NBA Championship Series Finals on ABC Sports.

The camera, which provided crystal clear replays at 3X speed was supplied by rental company Bexel and used by NEP Supershooters in the camera’s 3X mode for the entire Western Conference Championship series between the Lakers and the Denver Nuggets as well as the league finals between the Lakers and Orlando Magic. Many have since commented that the camera provided some of the best-looking HD replays ever seen in an NBA telecast.

The camera has been used in the past for several ESPN “Monday Night Football” telecasts last season as well as the 2008 World Series, in both handheld and tripod-mounted applications.

The LDK 8300 uses the same head block as its normal speed HD equivalent, the LDK 8000, and features the company’s proprietary Dynamic Pixel Management sensors to produce uncompromised, native 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720 images.

In 3X operation, the LDK 8300 achieves a signal-to-noise ratio of 54dB. Normal speed output for live use is created at the camera control unit (CCU). The blending of the two or three video phases into the standard speed output also improves the signal-to-noise figure by a further 3dB. It also offers colorimetry and video processing that's equal to the LDK 8000.

The LDK 8300 camera system also includes internal software called AnyLight‚ which uses sophisticated algorithms running in the signal processing unit to prevent against image flickering (often experienced with slow motion sports content shot under mixed artificial lighting conditions). AnyLight features five presets (including off) that allow the operator to dial in precisely the amount of correction required for each setup.

As a result, pictures created with the LDK 8300 during multicamera productions can be seamlessly intercut with those from the LDK 8000 camera. The LDK 8300 also features a new 3Gb/s fiber-optic transmission back that can send HD signals up to 2.4 miles (4000m). Using the LDK camera control systems (OCP and MCP) ,the 8300 is compatible with all LDK 8000 system accessories, like viewfinders and SuperXpanders units.