Grass Valley Announces R&D Initiative To Enhance Quality, Capability

MONTREAL—Grass Valley this week announced an R&D initiative aimed at leveraging its research and development resources with what the company describes as a more agile, collective approach to enhance quality and capability across its entire product portfolio.

The initiative, called "Core Technology," began conceptually inside Grass Valley in 2016. It is based upon the lean engineering philosophy employed at companies like Amazon, Google, Netflix and Tesla, the company said.

Mike Cronk

Mike Cronk

Core Technology will allow Grass Valley to innovate faster and at scale by building once and integrating to many in areas such as video processing, IP connectivity, cloud technologies and software-defined solutions. The initiative will deliver the common cores, platforms, engines and interfaces that add value across Grass Valley’s entire product lineup, the company said.

Michael Cronk, Grass Valley vice president of Core Technology, is leading the team at the company implementing the initiative. “As an R&D powerhouse in the industry, we are committed to be the partner of choice by staying ahead of the curve and innovating not only the solutions we bring to market, but the way we actually create them,” said Cronk.

Visitors attending IBC2018 in Amsterdam will see the company’s first fruits of the Core Technology initiative in products like iTX, GV Flex and ICE.

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Phil Kurz

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