Globo Goes Live From Tokyo With TVU One

TVU Networks
(Image credit: TVU Networks)

TOKYO—Brazilian TV broadcaster Globo relied on 16 TVU Networks TVU One mobile transmitters for its coverage of 33 sporting events during the Olympic Games, the company announced.

Use of the IP-based wireless transmitters made it possible to the broadcaster’s reduced staff in Tokyo to provide live broadcast-quality video of the games.

Globo, a premiere media channel serving Brazil and Latin America, dedicated 1,040 hours to live coverage of the Summer Games. Globo reporters were on site at event locations and provided exclusive coverage of Brazilian athletes, the company said.

“Because of safety standards imposed by COVID-19, Globo sent only part of its staff to Japan, but that didn’t affect the quality of their coverage at all,” said Paul Shen, TVU Networks CEO. 

“They were able to produce incredibly dynamic footage from all locations in a safe and reliable way thanks to TVU One 5G and its Inverse StatMux technology. This has been a difficult time to produce the Games, but we’re proud of how customers like Globo have risen to challenge by employing new ways to maximize viewer engagement. Their coverage excited fans all over Brazil,” he said.

More information is available on the company’s website.

Phil Kurz

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