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Gepco intros ultra-flexible HD video coax

Gepco has introduced an extra-flexible HD coax cable designed for high-definition video patching applications. Called VHD2000M, the new cable is a RG59 type HD video coax that features flexibility and flex-life.

Gepco's VHD2000M coax cable

Certified to a 3GHz bandwidth for 1.485Gb/s HDTV transmission, VHD2000M was designed for patch cord and portable video patching applications in HDTV, standard SDI and high-resolution analog video formats.

VHD2000M features a precision stranded center conductor, a unique double braided shield, and a matte PVC jacket. For the insulating dielectric, VHD2000M utilizes the manufacturer’s proprietary crush-resistant, gas-injected polyethylene compound that reduces attenuation and extends the operating bandwidth.

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