GefenTV intros HDMI v1.3 Repeater for Longer Reach

Gefen said its new repeater (GefenTV HDMI v1.3) is designed to provide an extension option for mostly specialized schemes such as home theaters and professional A/V installs, which often require HD monitors to be mounted or otherwise fixed several yards or more from the primary HD source.

The repeater (which is 2x2 inches) rests between two standard HDMI cable and transmits what Gefen said is "the full scope of the expanded HDMI v1.3 format" from the source (including 1080p) via the cables and repeater to the HD display. The firm said carriage of the video will not result in noticeable image degradation or delays.

According to Gefen, HD video and audio (including Blu-ray) normally cannot be extended more than about 15 yards without degradation, unless a signal repeater is deployed. It said its repeater using the HDMI v1.3 format can extend 1080p content up to about 100 feet, and that multiple repeaters can be cascaded to extend more than 350 feet, if needed.