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Gannett Broadcasting transforms news graphics workflow

Gannett Broadcasting has made a multiyear commitment to Chyron's AXIS Web-based content creation services for all 23 of its TV stations, the broadcaster and company jointly announced July 21.

The adoption of the AXIS system will transform how Gannett TV stations create, manage, share and broadcast news graphics. The AXIS server-based model is designed to allow Gannett to “create more graphics, at a higher median quality and at a lower cost,” said David Lougee, president of Gannett Broadcasting Group.

AXIS removes the repetitive aspect of creating everyday TV graphics from skilled graphic artists and designers, freeing them to work on the more creative aspects of design and branding, said Chyron CEO and President Michael Wellesley-Wesley. By using image databases inside the AXIS system, the time between creating a graphic and bringing it to air is reduced and productivity is enhanced.

Gannett will use AXIS for daily breaking news graphics, maps and charts and rely on its newly formed Gannett Graphics Group (G3) for more complex work, he said. G3 will help local Gannett stations by offering a variety of design options to enhance the real-time data provided by the AXIS creation process, Lougee added.

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