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Game Creek Video selects Tannoy speakers for FOX Sports

Game Creek Video has chosen Tannoy speakers for its four-unit mobile production system that does extensive NFL football and NASCAR racing coverage for FOX Sports.

Fred Aldous, a FOX Sports audio consultant/senior mixer, chose Tannoy speakers for all of the unit’s monitoring environments. He created a customized Tannoy stereo and surround array to fit the tight mobile quarters.

Because space was the biggest issue, Aldous chose the Tannoy Precision 8Ds. For surround monitoring, Tannoy built a customized Precision 6D center speaker. The housing for the 6D driver and electronics needed to be 12in by 10in, so the housing is quite a bit deeper to accommodate the electronics. Tannoy twin driver Arenas were selected as the back left and right surround speakers.

Using Tannoy speakers, Aldous can mix and match any size dual-concentric speaker and still have a consistent sound field. In addition to the main audio control room, the FOX Sports mobile production unit also features an audio submix environment, with a set of Tannoy Precision 6Ds and Arenas, and the “racer radio submix” control area, which also features Precision 6Ds.

Known as Game Creek’s FX HD Production System, the FOX Sports mobile unit is Game Creek’s newest and largest-scale system to date and is outfitted with 17 Sony HDC cameras, 10 EVS XT[2] servers and Calrec Alpha and Sigma audio consoles with Bluefin.

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