Game Creek Video Integrates TSL Products Audio Monitor Into OB Truck Remote Control Kit

TSL Products
(Image credit: TSL Products)

NORTHRIDGE, Calif.—Game Creek Video has integrated the TSL Products MPA1-MIX-DANTE audio monitoring solution into its GCV Anywhere remote OB truck interface, TSL announced today.

“TSL audio monitors are reliable and sound great. TSL offers both analog and digital connectivity options,” said James Piccirillo, broadcast network systems manager at Game Creek Video. “We love how we can monitor up to 128 audio channels if necessary, and it’s easy to use and interface with. All of the sources can be customized, making it a flexible and intuitive solution for anyone using it.”

The GCV Anywhere remote kits, developed during the height of the pandemic, allow production teams to produce and control live broadcasts while off-site to promote the safety of production teams.

The TSL Products MPA1-MIX-DANTE is designed for outside broadcast or headend use where fast audio QC of multiple sources is required. With the unit, custom mixes can be created on the fly using independent source gain encoders from any combination of the 64 Dante/AES67 and 64 MADI sources available, the company said.

The monitor includes a source label and a monitor mix label display so operators can access and monitor audio sources as well as accurate peak metering, it said.

All of the user features of the TSL MPA1-MIX-DANTE are accessible via a web UI with a built-in web server designed to enable remote configuration and monitoring of networked units, making it a versatile solution for any remote setup, the company said.

The monitoring solution offers an easily accessible front panel display, which includes pan/balance information and efficient audio monitoring of up to eight unique audio sources. Source labels can be automatically read from the Dante network or manually entered using the web UI. 

The MPA1-MIX-DANTE includes a high-quality internal full range loudspeaker system, a 1RU lightweight case that is 100mm deep and SNMP support, it said.

More information is available on the TSL Products website.  

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