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Game Creek Video Adds First Two Calrec Apollos

HEBDEN BRIDGE, U.K.: Calrec Audio announced that New Hampshire-based mobile production company Game Creek Video has added its first two Calrec Apollo mixing consoles to its all-Calrec fleet. The Apollo consoles are being installed in two new HD trucks that will get rolling this summer, bringing Game Creek's fleet to 27 trucks encompassing 13 all-HD, all-digital systems.

Game Creek will deploy identical 72 dual-fader Apollo consoles in Victory and Justice, 53-foot-long expandable trucks that will cover large live sporting events mainly for ESPN and ABC. Many of the events require audio feeds in excess of 300 channels to accommodate stereo and multichannel surround. Victory, the first of the trucks to hit the road, has among its tasks the mission to broadcast “ESPN Saturday Night Football on ABC.” Justice will also cover a variety of events, including NBA games for ESPN later this year.

“One major benefit for us is the number of faders we can get in the small space inside a mobile TV truck,” said Game Creek’s Paul Bonar. “That's something we’ve wanted for 10 years and haven't been able to get from any manufacturer until now.”