Game Creek Outfits New Truck With Canon Lenses

Television event producer Game Creek Video is upgrading its fleet of digital production trucks with the "Southern Cross" mobile production unit, equipped with a variety of Canon lenses.

Game Creek works with networks, cable channels and professional sports leagues to produce sports and entertainment programs in HD and SD. In the fall it will be using seven new Canon XJ72x9.3B lenses, five J21x7.8 BWRSDs and two J11x4.5 BWRSDs.

The XJ72x9.3B is Canon's next-generation standard field lens. It is designed for long lens performance with more focal length, and can be used in HD and SD. The XJ72xs also features Canon's HDxs technology for better specs and lighter weight, due to the company's X-element and Power Optical System.

The J11ax4.5 has an extreme wide angle, an M.O.D. 0.0 (Minimum Object Distance) with macro, 11x zoom ratio, IFxs technology and Digital Drive controls. The J21x7.8 uses IFxs technology for high-performance specs in a lightweight package and uses Digital Drive.