Game Creek captures Daytona 500 with Sony cameras

Fresh from its successful performance at the Super Bowl in Arizona, mobile production company Game Creek Video, based in Hudson, NH, was on-site at the Daytona 500 race with its FX HD mobile production system, designed specifically for FOX Sports, which consists of five integrated production, support and studio trailers.

For the HD broadcast of the prerace festivities and race action, 20 Sony HD cameras were used, including 18 HDC-1500 HD (used in 720p mode) cameras and two HDC-3300 slow-motion systems. The HDC-3300 cameras were stationed in third turn and at the tri-oval near the start/finish line. The HDC-3300 camera achieves 3X speed slow-motion effects in full HD resolution.

The ability to use fiber or triax with the HDC-1500 cameras greatly simplified setup and installation, according to Game Creek president Pat Sullivan.

Sony’s HDC-1500 multiformat camera system is capable of capturing HD images in either1080i or 720p, making it the ideal system for a variety of sports broadcasts as well as production companies that need to handle both types of HD signal formats.

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