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Fujinon unveils new HD lens

Fujinon’s new HA23x7.6BE HDTV lens offers advanced optical technology. The lens is being introduced at NAB (booth #C4210). It updates a predecessor, the HA22x7.8BERM.

The new HA23x7.6BE is designed to support a wide range of demanding, high-end applications including HDTV broadcast news, sports, special events, commercial, and network television production. It also benefits feature film shooting, documentaries, and government production, as well as broadcast equipment rental companies.

The new lens, which measures 100mm x 223.6mm and weighs less than 4lbs, has 23 times magnification and a focal length ranging from 7.6mm at the wide end, zooming out to 175mm to capture extreme telephoto shots. At 1X, the lens has a maximum relative aperture of 1:1.8 up to 122mm and 1:2.65 at 175mm and a minimum object distance of 0.8 meters from the front of the lens. With the 2X extender engaged, the focal length ranges from 15.2mm to 350mm, with a maximum relative aperture of 1:5.3 at 350mm.

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