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Fujinon to introduce 3-D lenses with synchronous control

At the 2010 NAB Show (Booth C7425) Fujinon will introduce six new lenses in conjunction with its 3D Synchronous Control System for 3-D production that feature very high optical and mechanical specifications, along with precise zoom and focus servos.

Lenses used in tandem for 3-D productions must share the same focal length, and during shooting, they must also match zoom and focus position. The Fujinon 3D Synchronous Control System includes the ERD-10A-D01 Zoom controller and HJ-303A-06A Synchronizer/Focus controller, plus two SA-206H cables that provide the interface between the 3-D controllers and lenses. The system synchronizes the left and right lenses so zoom and focus accurately move in unison.

Four new B4 mount lenses are designed for 3-D HD productions. The HA23X7.6BEZD-T5DD offers a 23x zoom with a focal length of 7.6mm-175mm (15.2mm-350mm with 2x extender). The HA16X6.3BEZD-T5DD offers a 16x zoom with a focal length of 6.3mm-101mm (12.6mm-202mm with 2x extender). The HA18x7.6BEZD-T5DD offers an 18x zoom with a focal length of 7.6mm-137mm (15.2mm-274mm with 2x extender). A fourth HD lens, the HAs18X7.6 3BZD-T5DD, is an 18x zoom with a focal length of 7.6mm-137mm with no 2x extender. All four lenses include Fujinon’s Inner Focus, Zoom Limit and Quick Zoom features, with an optional 16-bit encoder.

Fujinon will also display two extended-definition 3-D lenses. The A4X7.5BMD-DNL features a 4x zoom with a focal length of 7.5mm-30mm, while the A8X12BMD-DNL features an 8x zoom with a focal length of 12mm-96mm. Both broadcast-quality lenses include a B4 mount.

For optimal usability, these lenses may be used with Fujinon’s 3D Synchronous Control System or third-party controllers for simultaneous zoom and focus control.