FUJIFILM Launches 4K Zoom Lens, Zoom Rate Demand Unit

(Image credit: FUJIFILM)

FUJIFILM has launched the Fujinon UA107x8.4BESM-T45 (UA107x8.4), a 4K broadcast zoom lens with a new image-stabilization mechanism and customization capabilities, as well as the Fujinon ERD-50A-D01 (ERD-50A ) zoom rate demand unit, which features a large LCD panel.

The UA107x8.4 is a 107x zoom with a redesigned image stabilization mechanism, making it easier to shoot 4K video when combined with the ERD-50A, the company said.

The lens is a 4K-compatible broadcast lens offering an ultra-high 107x magnification zoom, covering the focal length range from 8.4 to 900 mm. Equipped with newly redesigned image stabilization mechanism, the lens can accurately correct image blurs caused by wind or shaking without any time lag. The built-in LCD panel allows users to adjust shooting settings in detail, it said.

Key UA107x8.4BESM-T45 features include:

  • Newly designed image stabilization.
  • 107x magnification covering focal lengths from 8.4mm to 900mm.
  • Built-in LCD panel to allow detailed adjustment to shooting settings.
  • Advanced resolving power, rich tonality.
  • Aspherical element and fluorite elements to control various types of aberration.
  • Can be combined with ERD-50A zoom rate demand unit and EPD-51A focus positon demand unit.

The ERD-50A zoom rate demand unit features an LCD panel and a four-way operation button for intuitive and uncomplicated operation. Used with the UA107x8.4, it enables choice of the optimum zoom curve to match a particular scene from 200 options, the company said.

The unit’s Aux button includes a display for checking shooting settings, including functions assigned to the Aux button and the on/off status of image stabilization while shooting video, it said.

Key ERD-50A-D01 features include:

  • LCD panel and a four-way button that can accommodate lever operations.
  • Assignment of favorite functions to the AUX button.
  • Choice of zoom curves/zoom patterns optimized for shooting scenes.
  • 200 zoom curves and three zoom patterns available.
  • Optimized layout of switches.
  • Up to nine sets of personal settings.

More information is available on the FUJIFILM website

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