Front Porch Digital SAMMA Robot selected for Technicolor tape ingest services

Technicolor has purchased a Front Porch Digital SAMMA Robot V.4 for its library services. Technicolor offers a streamlined, single-source supply chain of services where content is converted to digital files, and then managed and kept secure and accessible 24/7/365 for its customers. Digitizing the content not only rescues it from videotape's inevitable deterioration, it also enables Technicolor to store and make the content readily available for repurposing on both new and traditional distribution platforms.

Front Porch Digital's SAMMA Robot is an automated, videotape-based robotic system that performs real-time migration of up to 1000 hours of content per week. The system, which can operate unattended around the clock, simultaneously ingests and encodes content stored on either U-matic or Betacam tapes into multiple digital formats.