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James Lindner
Front Porch Digital has announced that the company has received a U.S. patent in connection with its SAMMA line of robotic media content migration products. The patent credits James Lindner, Front Porch Digital vice president and director of archive strategy as the inventor of the “method and system for automated migration of media archives.”

“SAMMA's inventor recognized the critical importance of preserving the cultural and historic record, and they had the technological know-how and experience to develop a novel and uniquely useful system for accomplishing that purpose,” said Mike Knaisch, Front Porch’s chief executive officer. “In 2008, SAMMA and Front Porch Digital decided to capitalize on the synergies in our goals, our technology, and the historic contribution we could make. Since then, we have been able to provide a solution for media past, present, and future on a scale not offered by anyone else in the world.”

SAMMA devices automatically migrate content from videotape formats to digital files, while continuously monitoring video signal parameters and exerting overall quality control procedures. SAMMA technology has now entered its fourth generation with the SAMMAsolo V.4 migration platform.