French network acquires Omneon Spectrum servers for tapeless workflow

France’s Direct8, a new network based on live programming and studio productions, will deploy four Omneon Spectrum media server systems at multiple facilities to support tapeless content production, ingest, backup and playout.

At Direct8, the Spectrum systems, under the control of a Ninsight SPARK automation system, will rationalize workflows formerly based on tape storage and standalone media servers.

The Spectrum systems also will facilitate Direct8’s transition to HD production and transmission, and allow Direct8 to optimize its content investment by making it easy to repurpose content for new services.

Direct8 will deploy the four Spectrum servers at four broadcast operations.
The first will provide storage and content access at two production centers, while the second provides storage and playout at a third production center.

Another Spectrum system will be deployed for ingest of third-party content, such as news, and for interfacing to a robotic tape archive. Direct8 will use the fourth Spectrum server as a backup for operational redundancy.

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