FreeCast Announces Hybrid ATSC 3.0-Streaming Box at NAB Show

(Image credit: Freecast)

LAS VEGAS—FreeCast has announced its new FreeCast Home system, a whole-home streaming solution that brings over-the-air NextGen TV signals into the FreeCast digital guide, alongside web-delivered streaming channels and over half a million free and pay-per-view shows and movies on-demand. The network-connected device will also include an ATSC 3.0 tuner to bring the latest advances in broadcast technology to devices throughout the home and local DVR storage that is expandable via USB.

By pairing free broadcast TV with web-delivered linear and on-demand video, this hybrid system is designed to be more all-inclusive than cable television packages, while costing only a fraction of the price, the company said. 

FreeCast Home will retail to consumers for a one-time charge of $200, and will offer a lifetime of service for a one-time flat price because of recurring revenues generated by ads and commission revenue. A low-to-no cost server version of the system will be commercially available to multi-dwelling properties and the hospitality industry. 

The company already has agreements with developers of planned communities, condominiums, apartments, property management companies, college campuses, hotels, healthcare providers, vacation rental units, affordable housing providers, and more. Together this represents access to 14% of the doors in the United States, while the low price and revenue sharing potential make FreeCast home a more affordable and attractive option for operators of these communities and businesses FreeCast said.

FreeCast CEO William Mobley discussed his company's vision for the future of television. "Cable TV is becoming a legacy service, and with the fragmented streaming market right now, it's too expensive and inconvenient for consumers to embrace. With FreeCast Home, we think we've built what comes next: bringing together a wealth of free content from the internet and the airwaves, and letting everyone control their costs by choosing subscriptions and pay-per-view options as they desire. With our MDU agreements, we're very quickly going to get this experience into the hands of a huge number of consumers."

Tom Butts

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