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France Télévisions Productions Outfits New OB Trucks with Miranda

MONTREAL— Miranda Technologies Nvision 8280 Hybrid router and Kaleido KMV-3911 multiviewer modules in France Télévision Productions’ two 3G/HD/SD-SDI Challenger outside broadcast trucks. The trucks are 8-to-15-camera 3G production studios mounted on 32-ft trailers.

“We wanted to bring our Challenger production units up to full HD capability,” France Télévisions Productions’ Deputy Director Michael Friederich said. “We turned to Miranda to help us deal with our already complex and diverse OB truck technical environment. In addition to their proven technology, what sold us on Miranda was the ease of integration. Their routers, optical interfaces and modular multiviewers are very powerful, yet very compact, which gave us the maximum flexibility we need for our mobile productions.”

The trucks are used daily on productions, typically deployed throughout France and bordering countries.

“The ability of the technology to optimize efficiency through multifunction workstations, extensive functionality and easy integration has enabled us to fulfill all internal production requests much more closely than ever before,” said Friederich

The NV8280 Hybrid video/audio routers can incorporate matrices up to 288x576 in just 16 RU and features 3G/HD/SD-SDI video routing with 16 channel audio de-embedding and embedding for each truck.

The Kaleido KMV-3911 multiviewer modules form a flexible multiviewer platform. Both space and energy efficient, the quiet KMV-3911 can provide up to 20 multiviewer outputs within a 3RU Densité frame and consume less than 300 watts in total. If connected to an upstream router, the KMV-3911 can be expanded up to 288 multiviewer outputs.

Both trucks are equipped with Miranda’s Telecast brand T-POV fiber-optic video/data transceiver modules that enable remotely operated, robotic POV camera systems to be connected via fiber. Also included in each is Python 3G, Telecast’s multichannel fiber optic HD/SDI transport system, which enables broadcasters to extend their reach further than equivalent coax while maintaining signal quality and reliability.

“France Télévisions Productions’ mission is to capture and deliver the largest and most popular events, which requires tremendous mobility, flexibility and efficiency,” said Richard Couzon, head of sales in France for Miranda. “Our hybrid routing and modular multiviewer solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs of outside broadcast.”