FOX Sports, ESPN rely on Thomson Grass Valley switchers for HD Super Bowl coverage

Game Creek Video, in Hudson, NH, had a total of six HD production trucks on-site in Glendale, AZ, and another three in Scottsdale, AZ, most of which were equipped with Thomson Grass Valley HD production switchers, to cover Super Bowl XLII earlier this month.

Four of the all-HD trucks used Thomson Grass Valley Kalypso HD and Kayak HD switchers to manage the more than 25 cameras and other sources used to capture live game action and the half-time show, as well as the pre- and post-game show activities.

Game Creek's Fox HD Expando truck handled the main game feed with a Kalypso 4 M/E HD switcher, while a Kayak was used as a sub-switcher to switch HD replays. Alongside Fox HD Expando were other production units, including Game Creek’s Patriot, which handled the pre-, half-time and post-game studio shows. Patriot also was equipped with a Thomson Grass Valley 4 M/E HD Kalypso.

Game Creeks’ Patriot trucks A and B were in Arizona to handle the Fox pre- and post-game, while its Yankee Clipper and NorthStar HD production vehicles supplied mobile facilities to ESPN for its weeklong telecast. These trucks also relied on Thomson Grass Valley 4 M/E Kalypsos.

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