Fox News Officially Debuts Newly Renovated D.C. Bureau

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WASHINGTON, D.C.—In the run-up to Fox News’ 25th Anniversary on October 7, the cable news net is highlighting a newly renovated Washington D.C. bureau with a new newsroom, updated television studios, a freshly dedicated radio studio to the late Tony Snow and a new green room dedicated to Charles Krauthammer.

The renovations were completed in September and on September 30 Fox News held a ribbon cutting ceremony. It was attended by executive chairman and chief executive officer of Fox Corporation, Lachlan Murdoch, Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and Fox News Media president and executive editor Jay Wallace. 

During the September 30 edition of the “Special Report,” anchor Bret Baier discussed the newly renovated newsroom and dedicated studio and greenroom. 

Baier explained that the new facility features “a state-of-the-art all new digital newsroom” as well as “two new flagship studios, a super high resolution technology platform for video and graphics.” 

In addition “our newsroom [was] reconfigured to allow our producers and editors to easily monitor the ever growing number of satellite video feeds on 75-inch TV screens,” Baier told viewers in this video clip

The newsroom features what Fox News producers and on-air personalities are calling “the compass” or “the ring.” The compass was built with 12 75-inch television monitors inside the ring and 40 32-inch television monitors outside of the ring (20 monitors facing inside the ring and 20 facing outside the ring). 

This gives every employee in the newsroom access to have up-to-the-minute images and live news feeds from all Fox News Media inbound and outbound remote positions, including, but not limited to New York, the White House, Capitol Hill, the State Department, the Pentagon as well as major cities where breaking news is taking place, the network reported.  

(Image credit: Fox News)

(Image credit: Fox News)

In terms of studios, Fox News Channel constructed two state-of-the-art studios that use the latest Vizrt technologies for its DC-based personalities. The network also added five stand-up camera positions in the bureau for guests and contributors. 

FNC’s brand new Studio One features a super high-resolution planar LED video wall that is mounted in a track alongside the studio walls, the network said. This allows producers to move the video wall to multiple positions in the studio to create different show looks and provide video content for breaking news stories for viewers at home. 

FNC’s newly-developed Studio Two features multiple high-resolution planar LED walls which wrap around the entire studio. This makes it possible to have two anchor desks, once again, giving producers the flexibility to offer multiple anchor positions for regular and breaking news programming in one space. 

The renovations also included four radio studios. 

The talk studio and talk control room has been newly named the “Tony Snow Studio."

(Image credit: Fox News)

The talk studio were built with three cameras for audio and video of the radio shows (added additional camera). 

The new talk control room features updated lighting grid and video switcher, enabling the shows to be podcasted with video clips to be posted on Fox News’ YouTube channel.

There are two new audio tracking booths for “Fox News Headlines 24/7 Updates” and “The Fox News Radio” hourly updates for the affiliate network. Anchors go live and track updates for our audio platforms.

The renovation also added a new podcast studio and podcast control room to accommodate the Fox News podcast network content.

The designers also added four audio newsroom positions for Washington, 

D.C. radio reporters can go live from the D.C. bureau newsroom with audio connections to the NY bureau and have the ability to feed audio out to any destination on Fox's audio ecosystem. 

To support its newly-constructed, technologically advanced newsroom and studios, Fox News also added an additional tech center on the floor to support the new Vizrt studio equipment. Additionally, the network added additional processing systems and generators to ensure all technology is backed up in the event of an emergency or power outage, the network reported.  

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