Forecast: LED to Dominate LCD Backlights by 2011

Light-emitting diodes will become the dominant LCD backlight unit light source within the next two years — enjoying a projected 56-percent share of LCD HD television, computers and other devices — according to DisplaySearch, an industry consultancy.

Thus, traditional backlights using fluorescent tubes will drop to 44 percent of the market by 2011. By 2015, DisplaySearch forecasts that LED penetration for HDTV screens and other devices will grow to 78 percent.

The transition to LED is currently most underway for laptop computers, as marketing of LED backlighting in HDTV sets has increased sharply in the current calendar year. Overall, LED for all HD sets, PCs and handheld appliances could reach nearly 28 percent by the end of 2009 — growing to 44 percent by the end of 2010, according to the Austin, Texas-based firm.

DisplaySearch said that while "there are still some technical and cost premium concerns about LED backlights, this is the first time the LCD TV supply chain (including backlight, display and consumer products) has joined forces to aggressively promote the benefits of LED backlight products."