For-A Converts Super Bowl for TV2Go

TV2GO, a satellite transmission outfit in Toronto, used For-A’s frame rate converter for global transmission of HD Super Bowl coverage. The converter, the FRC-7000, was used to feed 14 stations in Europe and Asia.

Takers included BSkyB, SkyItalia, NTV+ in Russia, Diasat in Denmark, Telinet in Belgium, Fox Sports Turkey, Yes TV in Israel, Canal Plus in Poland, ARD in Germany, Canal+ in Spain, PCCW and AGV in Hong Kong, SMG in Shanghai and CCTV in China.

The World Feed produced NFL Films International contained graphics, music and English commentary for audiences unfamiliar with rules of American football. TV2GO said BBC in London and FujiTV in Japan accepted TV2GO’s signal as a back up to their own shows, which were transmitted from the Arizona stadium via fiber optics.

TV2GO said the 14 stations represented a “dramatic increase” in the number that took the feed compared to last year.

The FRC-7000 enables the conversion between different HD frame rates necessary for distributing feeds internationally.