For-A Switcher Supports Digital Video Training for High School Education Center

For-A HVS-100 Kern High School District
(Image credit: For-A)

CYPRESS, Calif.—The Kern High School District in Bakersfield, Calif., has installed For-A’s HVS-100 video switcher and the Class X character generator for its new Career Technical Education Center to support its hands-on digital video coursework. The equipment is part of the multiroom video production facility.

The CTEC’s new video production space features four classrooms, including a studio, control room, audio recording room and lecture room with 15 edit bays. The HVS-100 is a key part of the control room, providing a custom console with four workstations. The studio includes three cameras, a full lighting grid, greenscreen wall and a track and drape system. There is also ENG equipment for off-site production.

The HVS-100 is used for both studio shoots and to switch multicamera productions from Innovation Hall, a 250-seat auditorium in the CTEC.

The Class X real-time 2D/3D HD/4K graphics playout system, meanwhile, features a LiveBoard option that allows the HVS-100 and other For-A switchers to playout its graphics directly.

Lisa Krch, instructor for the Video Production/Advanced Film and Cinema program at CTEC said that the HVS-100 and Class X systems are intuitive and not overly intimidating for the students. “It’s very user friendly and students feel comfortable jumping right in,” she said. “That ease of use is going to be a big asset in this teaching environment.”

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