Focus introduces proxy recorder

The new Focus FS-H Proxy Recorder makes it easy to integrate proxy recording into a videographer’s workflow.

Users can attach the FS-H Proxy Recorder to any professional camcorder and record proxies while simultaneously capturing high-res video. When the recording is complete, the proxies are ready to share instantly. With a wide range of recording formats available, proxies can be instantly edited, streamed and uploaded to video sharing websites or viewed on portable devices.

Whether it is used as a companion to a professional high-resolution camera or as a stand-alone device, the FS-H Proxy Recorder makes it easy to record hours of H.264 video on removable SDHC cards.

The FS-H generates proxy files that correlate to the camera’s footage, down to the frame. Proxy files are ready to use instantly and can be edited, streamed, uploaded to video-sharing websites, and even viewed on portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

The FS-H can also be used with other video sources, such as switchers, POV cameras, broadcast streams and VTRs for proxy generation. The recorder uses H.264 encoding and supports a variety of industry-standard wrappers, including MP4, QuickTime and MXF.

The FS-H is available in three versions — the 50, 60 and 70 — which vary by feature set.