Florical introduces MediaTrans PLUS for MPEG-4 video streaming

Florical Systems has introduced an advanced media transport system, MediaTrans PLUS, which delivers video and audio signals between two locations using advanced MPEG-4 technology.

MediaTrans PLUS reduces IP network connectivity costs involved with transporting the on-air program stream from a centralcasting hub site to remote stations and return off-air confidence feeds from the remote stations.

MediaTrans Plus also enables the centralized switching of studio cameras at remote locations and economical connection with remote cameras used for updates from remote studios in other cities or weather and traffic cameras.

MediaTrans Plus requires only one T-1 broadband line for studio video or two bonded T-1 lines for high-motion sports video. MediaTrans Plus is an alternative to microwave transmission lines and can function over existing copper telco wire, broadband, digital cable and satellite infrastructures.

For more information, please visit: www.florical.com.

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