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FilmCore puts McQueen behind wheel of 2005 Ford Mustang

Steve McQueen is the driving force behind a new Ford Mustang commercial. The actor is brought back to cinematic life to appear in the company's latest "Field of Dreams" Ford Mustang commercial.

FilmCore editor Nicholas Wayman-Harris brought Steve McQueen back to cinematic life for an ingenious "Field of Dreams" inspired commercial for the Ford Mustang.

Wayman-Harris edited theatrical and television versions of a spot in which images of the late actor from the 1968 film "Bullitt" were used to make it appear as if McQueen were behind the wheel of a 2005 Mustang. Conceived by Detroit agency J. Walter Thompson, the spot shows a farmer building a racetrack in the middle of a large cornfield. After completing the task, the farmer drives his new Mustang out of a garage and watches as the legendary actor appears from the rows of stalks. McQueen, who famously drove a Mustang in "Bullitt", climbs into the driver’s seat and heads off down the straightaway.

Wayman-Harris became involved in the project during pre-production. He initially worked with director Paul Street and R!OT Santa Monica’s Verdi Sevenhuysen, who headed the post effects team.

The editor then joined the production crew on location in Chilliwack, British Columbia, for the seven-day shoot. “I had the video feed from the production camera linked to my laptop,” Wayman-Harris recalled. “I was then able to immediately line up their shots with the scenes from Bullitt to ensure it was all going to work.”

After the shoot was over, Wayman-Harris assembled rough cuts for a 60-second theatrical version of the spot, as well as 90-, 60-, and 30-second versions for television. He then oversaw color correction, visual effects and audio post work.

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