Film Workshops bring US filmmaking techniques to Liverpool

The Centre for Creative Media is launching a new training programme, entitled 'Film Workshops', at the Novas Contemporary Urban Centre (CUC) in Liverpool. Commencing in February the intensive workshops in HD digital media technology are designed to develop the craft of storytelling. The courses have been created with reporters, journalists, and emerging and mid-career filmmakers in mind.

Film Workshops comprise of one-week workshops designed to help mid-career pros advance their careers as well as to help individuals wishing to change career paths or to enter the new storytelling media as artists, craftspeople or technicians.

The sessions will be run from 15th February. The first is a workshop in the latest 'HDV Digital cameras' and basic cinematic storytelling. This will be followed by a one-week workshop in 'HD Digital Production' and a two-week workshop for reporters, photojournalists and other media persons who want to master digital video storytelling for television, online newspapers and other platforms.

Film maker Kate Robinson, who heads up The Centre for Creative Media, said: "People are veering away from the traditional methods of accessing news and media and are now consuming this information through new digital mediums such as online video streaming. As a result, journalists are required to not only write a story but also produce films and photographs without any formal training, and this is where our workshops can really help. Media professionals and people working in the film and TV industry will benefit greatly from the hands-on approach taken in the workshops. Our workshop programmes combine state-of-the-art technical training and creativity to satisfy real commercial objectives."

Film Workshops is a joint venture between USA-based Workshops International and The Centre for Creative Media. To reserve a space for Liverpool workshops or for further information please visit: or call 0151 708 0250.