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File Transfers Key in ONC Workflow

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File Transfers Key in ONC Workflow

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The workflows and fundamental IT-like nature of servers made a big difference at host broadcaster OBS’s 24 hour news channel operation, ONC, whose ENG teams could ingest content directly from a venue using either traditional baseband or file-based transfer.

The latter was a big story for OBS in Vancouver. “The file-based transfers are a big success of these Games, as they proved to be very efficient,” said Sotiris Salamouris, head of engineering for OBS. “This allows transfers in less than half of real time — so about a 50 percent time benefit — plus metadata associated with the clips is documented and immediately available.”

ONC’s ENG teams in the field would generally to a rough cut at the venue using either EVS’s Xedio product, P2 laptops or even Final Cut Pro. Material could then be transferred to the IBC production rooms using file-based transfer courtesy of the Gigabit Ethernet connectivity between all venues and the IBC, or via baseband transmission.

Salamouris said that a variety of factors, including the skill and comfort level of the operator, influenced the decision on whether to use file or traditional baseband transfer.

“If they are prepared to do file transfers, there are big benefits — transmission times cut in half plus the transmission of metadata for basic logging info, which helps the teams at the IBC retrieve and use the content faster.”

ONC production teams in the IBC were mainly using CleanEdit, EVS’s fast turnaround non-linear editing system, but could also call on two Avid Media Composers for craft-level editing.