FCC’s April Meeting to Cover Sponsored Programming, Wireless Mics & Spectrum

FCC seal
(Image credit: FCC)

WASHINGTON—The FCC has set the table for its upcoming April Open Meeting, with Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel sharing the tentative agenda in a new blog post, with multiple elements relevant to broadcasters.

Wireless microphones will be part of the discussion, specifically their use of spectrum. The commission is set to vote on a proposal that will allow the new Wireless Multichannel Audio System (WMAS) to operate on a licensed basis, while also exploring the use of the technology on an unlicensed basis. The potential interference from unlicensed devices, particular in the 6 GHz spectrum band, has been a point of emphasis for NAB in recent months.

Another spectrum issue on the docket is the re-banding process of Sprint’s commercial services to the upper range of the 800 MHz band. This effort began in 2004, with public safety services that had previously occupied the spectrum moving to the lower end of the band. The FCC says that more than 2,100 licensees have been successfully relocated to new channels in the band with no interruption to public safety communications. The commission will vote on an Order to close out the re-banding and terminate the proceeding.

The FCC has also been recently working on new rules regarding foreign government sponsored-programming, and the April meeting will see a vote to adopt new sponsorship identification requirements, which will force foreign governments to disclose when they, or their representatives, have leased time to broadcast on U.S. airwaves.

For information on the full agenda, visit the FCC website.

The FCC’s April Open Meeting will take place on April 22.