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FCC To Open RF Test Facility

Michael Powell, chairman of the FCC, next week will officially open an RF test laboratory in Columbia, Md. The lab, at the FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology, will feature an RF "anechoic" chamber that can be used to test products that emit RF energy.

An anechoic chamber is a room that absorbs all audible sounds and the RF anechoic chamber will perform a similar function for electromagnetic radiation. Using the RF anechoic chamber, the FCC will be able to get more accurate and reliable measurements on RF-generating products, such as radios, cellphones, pagers, radar sets and television equipment. The chamber is needed for testing since measuring low-emission devices in an open area can be difficult due to a noisy RF environment.

CEA Creates Advisory Panel Of Technology Experts
The Consumer Electronics Association has created a technology advisory group comprised of experts from the consumer electronics and information technologies industries. The mission of the group is to advise CEA and its executive board on technology matters by defining and developing strategies to overcome technological challenges that could limit CE industry growth.

The members of the CEA Technology Advisory Group are:

* Jon Rubinstein, senior vice president, Hardware Engineering, Apple;
* Geoff Phillips, vice president and general manager of DTV Products, ATI;
* Jim Tranchina, vice president of engineering, Audiovox;
* Craig Ensley, senior vice president of engineering, Cirrus Logic;
* Dr. Floyd Toole, vice president of acoustical engineering, Harman International;
* Kevin Kahn, senior fellow and director of communications technology lab, Intel Corp.;
* Rich Lappenbusch, director of strategic planning, Microsoft;
* Paul Liao, vice president and CTO for Matsushita Electric Corporation of America and president of its Panasonic Technologies company;
* Diego Olego, managing director, Philips Research USA;
* Gary Feather, director of Digital AV Systems, Sharp Laboratories of America;
* Bill Rose, president, WJR Consulting.

Members of the CEA technology advisory group are charged with analyzing the key technology issues that, once addressed, would yield the most noticeable growth in the U.S. and worldwide CE markets. To help ease this process, the panel will focus on what can help address and remove roadblocks hindering industry growth.

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