FCC Names RSM as C-Band Relocation Coordinator

(Image credit: Dawnco)

WASHINGTON—The FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau has tapped RSM US LLP, a global audit and consulting firm, to serve as the relocation coordinator for the C-band transition process.

The C-band transition will see incumbent earth station operators move from the lower portion of the 3.7-4.2 GHz band to the upper portion to make room for 5G development. The FCC is officially auctioning off 280 MHz for 5G, with a 20 MHz guardband also being established. The C-band auction is scheduled for Dec. 8.

The FCC tasked a search committee of eligible Fixed Satellite Service space station operators to select a relocation coordinator for the repack that would be responsible for managing the overall transition and coordinating relocation actions among eligible space stations operators, incumbent earth station operators and new 3.7 GHz Service flexible-use licensees. The stations opted for RSM, presenting their selection to the FCC in July.

RSM was reviewed against the FCC’s requirements for the relocation coordinator, which dictated that the relocation coordinator have the experience to: 1) coordinate the schedule for clearing the band; 2) performing engineering analysis, as necessary, to determine necessary station migration actions; 3) assigning obligations for earth station migrations and filtering; 4) coordinating with overlay licensees throughout the transition process; 5) assessing the completion of the transition in each PEA and determining overlay licensees’ ability to commence operations; and 6) mediating scheduling disputes.

The FCC found that RSM met these requirements, and therefore has officially selected RSM to serve as the relocation coordinator for the C-band transition process.

For more information on the C-band transition, visit TVT’s C-band hub page.